A full-service digital marketing production house serving the Bayonne, NJ area.

A Partnership Built On Value

We Are Your Digital Right Hand

Our duty is to position you as an industry leader. We do so by producing enticing marketing content and then promoting it across niche-specific audiences. We are here to see you grow.

A Local Business

We are a local production house that is involved with the community and there when you need them.

Keeping it Cost Effective

We keep production costs down by merging crew talent and cross promoting businesses.

Empowering the Community

We create jobs and opportunity by working with local crew, talent, and industry influencers.


Organic Traffic

We promote through localized outlets, create genuine interest, and drive real people to take action at your business.

Our process

#1 Brand identity

Through a discovery session we come to understand your business, ideal demographic, and current process for acquiring new customers. Using what we’ve learned, we design a look & feel that represents the integrity of your brand.

#2 Digital Infrastructure

We build your online presence and create a consistent brand identity throughout the web which we will manage, inclduing: a custom business website,  social-media profiles, and directory backlink accounts.

#3 Content Production

We arrive at your workplace on a weekly basis and produce fresh new content that directly represents your brand. This content will be used to market all your  upcoming events, services, company culture, and hot new promotions.

#4 Marketing / SEO

We promote the content on localized web platforms and through community influencers – which allows us to create instant rapport with your target audience. You now have a stream of organic traffic taking action at your business.

#5 Advertising

If a piece of content is going viral, getting a lot of traction, or you’re just looking to promote it on a larger scale – we are able to manage a separate advertising budget to attract a lookalike audience.

#6 Rinse & Repeat

Once the ball is rolling, we repeat steps #3, #4, and #5 to keep it rolling.



Full-Service Digital Transformation

We take your business through the full process and establish your online presence.

  • Brand Identity
  • Digital Infrastructure
  • Content Production
  • Marketing / SEO

Setup Fee + Monthly Retainer

Marketing Content Production

We bring in our influencers and produce a fresh supply of marketing content on an on-going basis at your workplace. Afterwards, we manage all aspects of organic digital promotion.

  • Production
  • Marketing

Monthly Retainer

A La Carte

Individual production services for your own use.

  • Brand Consulting
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Video Production
  • Commercial Photography

Project Rate + Usage













Social Media




MoneymakerIsland, one word, no spaces, make sure you capitalize the ‘I’ – Use MMI too sound more official. In 2013, what started off as a username, later evolved into a legit production company, producing over 700 projects for business owners & service professionals. Now we are on a mission to digitally transform businesses, grow their brand,  and supply them with premium content!

The Vision

To revitalize commerce in struggling areas by empowing small business owners with online presence, giving them the ability to reach a greater audience – creating a trinkle-down-effect of  local shopping, entry level jobs, skilled jobs, and surplus of revenue to reinvest back into that community.

Having a MoneymakerIsland in your city means life is about to get good.


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